Your Family Can Have a Do-Over

family do over 
I’m in the middle of devouring Gary Thomas’ new, soon-to-be-released book, The Sacred Search.
A full review is to come, but I had to share this part with you now!

“When you get married, you get a chance to create an entirely new family. Don’t let unhealthy family-of-origin issues unduly shape the construction of your new immediate family.  In essence, God is giving you an opportunity for a “do-over” based on His Word, not your experience.”
-Gary Thomas, The Sacred Search

These words ring true for my husband and I in the sense that we had to make a critical decision for our marriage and family for a “do-over” in order to move forward.

We’d been looked on as still being the “kids” long enough.

It was time to raise our own family, to set our own boundaries and discipline styles; to get a fresh start and outlook by moving away from family.

There may be more thoughts and quotes from The Sacred Search in the near future.

Living With Sword and Coffee,