You Are a Love Song

Pursuing What Is Excellent :: You Are a Love Song

When I saw that today’s #5mfw (Five Minute Free Write) was “YOU”,
I thought of love songs.
The object of affection is “YOU”!

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, perhaps you two had “your song”.
It invokes so many good and pleasing emotions, right?
The lyrics describe how you feel about each other SO WELL!
You dream of the day that you get to add it to your wedding playlist,
and how you’ll sway side-to-side at the memory of when you two first heard that song and made it yours.

Oddly, my husband’s and my song was , “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. We were about to say goodbye, y’all! The relationship would’ve been everything described in that song. Bittersweet.

Obviously we were able to overcome that because we’ve been blissfully married for over 22 years.
But, I’m JUST NOW getting to the place that I can sing it without feeling the heartache of it; of what could’ve been the end.
But I digress.


Let’s remember that there is the most ultimate of love songs!

I’m thankful for every “YOU” song that has been sung over me by my Father that never ends in breakup or disappointment. The Father of the bride gets the pleasure of the sway every day!


Living to Worship Him,