Word Treasurers


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I rejoice over Your promise like one who finds vast treasure.
Psalm 119:162 (HCSB)

Studying the Holy Scripture never gets old, because it can never be exhausted!
There are times that I love digging in deep with other women that love hearing from God personally; that after reading it their hearts beat and say, “OH! I’m just so IN LOVE with HIM!” and, “I am undone!”

Sometimes it looks like a formal Bible study (like with books from other Bible Study authors), but others its precept by precept (verse by verse/line by line).
I love experiencing both the logos (word for everyone) and the rhema (specific revelation from the Word).

That’s why Psalm 119:162 has become so significant to me!

It’s the finding vast treasure and I can’t help but to rejoice in that!

Would you like to join me on the treasure hunt?

Since most of us do a daily devotional on our own, I’d like to try this:

  • Visit my Word Treasurers (closed) Facebook page and request to join!
  • As you read your day’s devotional, and share what the Lord has shown you from the Scripture that you’ve read! (daily is NOT mandatory, but some participation is highly recommended)
  • As the group grows, I’ll take a poll to see where the heartbeat of everyone is and ask the Lord for further direction!

I think that the Summer is the best time to keep it light and not get into specific study, but to get in the habit of seeking Him more and more with women that have a passion for experiencing His presence!

Looking forward to finding the vast treasures in God’s Word with you!

Living to Worship Him,