Wishful Thinking Does Not Make My Home Clean!

Traci Michele at Ordinary Inspirations is all about challenges…challenges that I struggle with!

This post was supposed to be linked on yesterday (Friday). Life happened, but I’m back on track. I have to admit that my home-keeping needs a major overhaul. I truly need help in several areas
Traci Michele asked participants to share house cleaning tips. I’m gleaning from the wisdom of others in this.

I’m not beating myself up, I’m just stepping into the reality that good or bad, my children are gonna model what my husband and I do. Since I’m with them all day every day, what/who are they seeing? I don’t like it and It’s gonna change!

My husband and I were discussing this very subject this morning. Since Acts of Service is my husband’s love language, un-cleanliness also affects my marriage. Not to the extent that we’re in trouble but it makes for uncomfortable times. I’m thankful that Acts of Service isn’t the only love language that speaks love to him! 

It’s all coming down to: are our children being properly trained and am I, as mom, making sure they stick with it.

He feels that while instructing our children in being responsible, we must employ Romans 12:10

Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another.

Who would have thought to use this verse when it comes to our own family members and keeping a clean home? We are looking out for one another when we do our part in picking up after ourselves or even sometimes picking up for another.

As this has been heavy on my heart, I was led to a great resource this morning. I’m still reading the posts, but what I found so far is what I think will get me started in training our children. 

After I post the site address, I’m off to seek God and jot down details of what our home should look like, feel like, sound like.
  • Look like: Orderly. Perfection is NOT desired, but order is doable.
  • Feel like: A haven. NOT a hall of horrors.
  • Sound like: Peace and laughter. When disagreements break out I want my children to know how to handle them God’s way.
Now, the link… Positive Parenting 365

Until next time…be abundantly blessed.

OH!!!! For the record, my home is not up for condemnation. Its not a TOTAL wreck. Its just that I can do better.