Wing It or Order It

Pursuing What Is Excellent -- Wing It or Order It 1


How do you start your day?

What’s the atmosphere of your spirit?

Do you wing it or order it?

Something to consider for each morning

Pursuing What Is Excellent - Psalm 5-3


It is up to me to choose before I even put my feet on the floor how I’ll respond to my day.

I find myself winging it more times than not; not have a real direction or thought for the day.

My disposition is usually on the positive side, but there are still more times that I have to order my attitude.

To order my day, I have to be intentional to be in a habit of praise and worship.

I know that those terms (praise and worship) are thrown around without much weight added to it,
but God’s word speaks a mighty bit about it.

Its what we owe Him. Its for us to give back to HIM!
It allows Him to move in a way in our lives that quickens us and brings life and light to our daily decisions.

God has already set out our path. Its up to us to seek Him for each step!
Will you be willing to order your day rather than just winging it?


Pursuing What Is Excellent -- Psalm 37-23


With Sword and Coffee,