White Knuckle Faith

I was desperate for peace, comfort, and security from God.
I had learned about standing in faith many years ago, and I even employed faith many times during difficult and unsure seasons of my life.
This new thing had me falling to my knees and crying out to God for what seemed like every moment!

Crying out to God isn’t a bad thing.
In fact, its a needed thing;
but when doing so doesn’t produce faith, growth and surrender, crying out is for naught.

As I challenged myself  to read the Psalms during my distress, I took courage and faith from King David’s words.
At the beginning of so many of the Psalms he wrote, he was wringing his hands and deep in despair, but OH BOY by the end, his praise and worship were extravagant. He’d gotten a perspective change because he was reminded of who God was as his rescuer and strength.

Here’s a window into what I was dealing with: lack of trust!

For over a year  I’d heard God whisper to me, “Do you trust Me?”
”Of course I do, Lord! I always have!…so why are You asking me this now?”
And now, I see why! I’d gotten to a place of lax trust because days before this season seemed easy.
I coasted through.

I needed to get to a place of verbally letting myself and God know that I trusted Him with and in everything!
This girl that has experienced God’s presence, His favor, and provision time and time and time again needed a reminder to trust this same God!
Never once did I doubt my Father, but I needed to trust Him MORE.

God has shown His faithfulness. He’s 100 percent trustworthy.
I know that with my whole heart!

I share on MomLife Today what transpired to turn my coasting through faith into white knuckle faith.

God has truly given me a peace and renewed trust in Him; a capacity to trust Him MORE.
It’s created a deeper intimacy with Him and a bond that helps me to cling tighter to Him.
He holds my head to His chest.
As I listen to His heartbeat, I’m reminded that I’m His beloved, treasured, and cherished.

Is God asking you, “Do you trust Me?” questions and you don’t know why? You have a proven record of trust, right?
Pay close attention and prepare your heart to trust Him more.

I want to highlight a book that helped and ministered to me tremendously during this time. Battle Ready by my precious friend, Kelly Balarie was instrumental in helping me recognize lies that I’d believed about who I am in Christ and gaining the tools I needed to use in the battle for right thinking and belief!

I’ve also added other suggested books that have helped me!

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Grace and Truth




Living to Worship Him,


Photo by Ruben Hutabarat on Unsplash