Where Your Worth Is, Young Woman

talk to the hand

Young woman of God. Find your worth in your Creator.
Don’t settle for a continual trampled heart.
Please stop allowing your heart to be attacked.
Too bad it doesn’t hurt bad enough for you to want better for yourself.
You refuse wise counsel and follow after the lust of your flesh.
That guy will continue to use you because you allow it.
He whispers intoxicating words in your ear.
What he really is, is toxic!
That boy does not care for you. He doesn’t care for himself.
The enemy is getting so much satisfaction of your being duped.
What will be left?
Let it go. Let him go. Turn your back on him and stop looking over your shoulder.
Backbone. New mindset. Self-respect. Get you some!
Yeah, I know it’ll be hard. It might be like ripping off a limb, BUT GOD is the ultimate Restorer.
Trust HIM. Be loved on BY HIM.
Girlfriend, toughen up and let that boy go! Your friends are so over the drama and you crying wolf.
Don’t follow your heart anymore! You’re allowing it to deceive you. Lead the thing. (go read Jeremiah 17:9-10 ).
This could fall on a deaf ear…yet again, but I gotta say it.
You may never read this post, but I gotta say it!
You may hate me…for a little while, but I gotta say it.
Girl, you know I love you.
You need to love yourself more!

Living With Sword and Coffee,

Image: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot / FreeDigitalPhotos.net