When There is No More Stretch

When There is No More Stretch

This popular phrase came to me as I was talking with my husband about some nagging things that were on my mind.
”Put your big girl panties on and deal with it.”
But lately, it feels like the elastic waist has been so stretched by pulling them up, that they won’t stay cinched up because I’ve been dealing with it…in the wrong way.
That’s what makes the stressors go off the chart!

Have you ever had to put safety pins on the side of your undies to keep them up until you can go get some more?
”One more wear” you mumble to them through clinched teeth.

I’ve been wearing the hound out of my mind lately by trying to keep those things up!
Instead of trashing the thoughts that keep tumbling and not resolving themselves, I keep the insanity wheel going.

No more trying to get that last wear out of a thought process that hasn’t served well.
It’s time for a new pair and perspective change.
Do an about-face. It’s time to get out of my own mind.

The answer isn’t within my own head. It’s when I’ve laid them at Jesus’ feet and ask Holy Spirit to help me either sort through or forget about a thing.

A friend always reminds us to “control the controllables” and it’s some of the best advice that I employ often!

how do we control the controllables

How do we control the controllables

  • Pray
  • Read Scripture about peace
  • Brain dump or Journal
  • Don’t carry the burden you aren’t meant to carry
  • Cast your care onto God
  • Talk to a trusted friend…this may be a time that you need to get it ALL out!
  • Ladies, check that time of the month. You know your mind and body’s patterns. Is there something that needs to be shelved until after that wave of emotions hit?
    *at the age that I am, I deal with that time of month AND perimenopause. I’m learning my body’s signals and my mind’s runaway train more and more these days.
  • Allow yourself the emotion, but don’t get stuck in it
  • Remember again..that you can only control yourself!

Things aren’t ALWAYS as they seem. I have learned that I may have been looking at the HUGE picture and creating unfavorable conditions that haven’t even happened.

philippians 4 six and seven

I had a fresh revelation as I read that verse recently. We get to exchange worry, or anything else that disturbs us to God….through prayer, through petition, with thanksgiving…for His peace!
He didn’t even promise an answer or solution, but He did promise His peace.
Most times more than we need a solution, we need peace.

Most times more than we need a solution, we need peace.

I get it! There can be struggles in our minds, and thoughts that can’t seem to be shaken loose…especially when we try to handle them ourselves.
We know that we’ve been given the keys in God’s Word and wisdom from others that’ll help us breakthrough. You are not alone!
It’s time to overcome.  That may be in small steps or a dogged determination to take a giant leap.
Whatever it looks like for you, keep moving!

Is there a struggle with a specific thought pattern that you need prayer for, or maybe even a perspective change?
See if the tips above help!
Let me know how it turns out for you!

Living to Worship Him,