When Mom Needs a Personal Planner

{This post contains affiliate links}

I’ve found myself needing a personal planner that corresponds with my children’s school year.
We’re in “session” from August to May, so the  On the Go planner starts right where I need it; in July.

I like that its spiral-bound and fits nicely in my purse (and I don’t carry one of the big ole “momma purses” either!).

I’ve tried other personal planners, but this one fits my needs so much better.
This isn’t a “product for review” exchange.
I wanted to take the time to tell you about the 30% discount and offer you a chance to become a Home Educating Family affiliate!

HEDUA has a full line of Well Planned Day planners; for bloggers, home educators and students!

Here’s how you can become a Home Educating Family affiliate:

  • Follow this LINK
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Affiliate” link.
  • Once you’ve enrolled, email affiliates@hedua.com informing them that I (Kela Nellums) am the one that referred you!

This affiliate sign up even doubles as a contest! We could BOTH win a copy of My Blog Plan!

Enjoy your savings and new planner(s)!

Living With Sword and Coffee,