What Does It Mean (to you) To Spend Time With God?


When someone says to you, “Spend time with God”, what does that mean to you?

What does that look like?

Is it getting up early to sit in quiet?

Do you pick up your Bible and randomly pick a passage?

Do you primarily pray only?

Do you grab a devotional or spiritual book and look up the verses in the writing?

I’m simply opening dialog here.

What does it look like for me?

It’s not a formula, but sometimes I feel it would be beneficial.

I feel that I’m all over the place when it comes to spending time with God.

Sometimes I read a devotional and most of the time a spiritual book.

I used to be more deliberate in my time.

There was a time that it seemed that God would lay a topic or word in my heart and I’d go on a mad hunt for Scripture using my concordance.

I’d be sprawled out across the kitchen table with all of my tools…then came distractions.

Those are things that I should and now know that I MUST say “no” or “wait” to.

I need to read more of my Father’s words before the plethora of man’s word.

When I came to my desk this morning, my laptop was closed.

I realized that it helped TREMENDOUSLY with focusing in my time. Some of you would probably say, “DUH!” ha!

I wanted to make the most of it, but I’d gotten so out of “practice” that I was grasping at different things (the current Bible study that I’m doing, a devotional and even my phone!).

I think that a great thing for me to start doing is bringing my Bible and other study tools into the family room (away from the office) before I go to bed each night.



So…what say ye?!

Living With Sword and Coffee,
Kela >