What Are They Playing?

I paused on a local Black Gospel station in my car this evening while driving around town.

The song that was playing was sadly familiar; a song that I’d had no qualms with singing in my teen years. 

I had to double check the radio station.

I couldn’t turn away.

SURELY they’d lost their minds by playing this adulterous-filled song!

That’s about the time that the DJ cut in and said (loosely paraphrased), “I’m sure you’re all wondering what the heck is going on.”

The DJ was interviewing singer, Shirley Murdock. Her 1986 hit song was “As We Lay”.

Why was he interviewing her?!
“As We Lay” was seen as a song that celebrated adultery. Shirley was quick to point out in the interview that while it was indeed a song about infidelity, it was more so a song about the cost of sin after its all over.

I wish that I could find a copy/transcript of the interview!

The DJ and Ms. Murdock point out how adultery is rampant even in the Christian community. We know this! It’s no secret that the flesh too often rules the spirit.

Its a destroyer of homes. It strips marriages of sacredness.
I’m going to boldly share a part of the lyrics to that song.

It’s morning
And now it’s time for us to say goodbye
Goodbye baby
you’re leaving me,
I know you got to hurry home to face your wife, whoa
I would never want to hurt her no
She would never understand
You belonged to me for
just one night
as we slept the night away

As We Lay
We forgot about tomorrow
As we lay
We didn’t think about the price we’d have to pay…oh no
We should have counted up the cost
but instead we got lost
in the second, in the minute, in the hour
hey hey, hey as we lay
we forgot about tomorrow, as we lay

Lyrics Credit: Lyrics mania

After we got home, I was talking with my oldest daughter about the song and the broadcast (she was listening to it too). I told her that I was glad that the DJ played the song and did the interview.

MAN! I wish that I had a transcript!!

It does bring to the forefront the penalties of sin; no matter what the sin is. The cost too often isn’t considered.

Stop and think first of the potential cost of what you’re going to do.

Every sinful act starts with a point of temptation.

Determine and practice how you will handle and respond to temptation.

God is so full of grace, forgiveness and love to the max!

What I’ve written above brings to mind a wonderful woman that I’ve become friends with thanks to Twitter and other women that read what she has to say. Darlene Schacht of Time-Warped Wife.

Darlene shares in her blog post, Grace is For Sinners how she found grace in our loving Father and forgiveness from her husband after going through the very thing that I wrote about. Read her words…Grace is For Sinners.

I pray that any of my sisters that are faced with this struggle and stronghold will find strength in God to stop, be repentant, be reconciled to your husbands and live a life free of the guilt. I pray for peace in each of our homes and marriages.
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