Unmotivated Teen? Here’s help!

Lee Binz, of The HomeScholar, has done it again (as expected)! Her January newsletter was much anticipated by many of my fellow homeschool friends that have high school students living in their home. I think that the response almost overwhelmed her.

Here is a snippet of the newsletter:

Lack of Motivation in Teenagers

motivating homeschool teensJanuary 2010
by Lee Binz
The HomeScholar

Now What?

It can happen overnight. One day your child is pleasant, cooperative, and enthusiastic about learning. The next day…. Not so much. It happens to boys and girls, but not to everyone. It’s common, but that doesn’t make it easier for parents to deal with. What do you do with a child who will only do the bare minimum, and really isn’t interested in learning?
Some teenagers will remain pleasant and generally cooperative, but will do everything in a uniquely slow-as-molasses way, with a seemingly complete lack of motivation. That’s when parents look heavenward, asking the age-old question, “Now what?”
Sometimes this may be “just a phase” – as if the kids are checking just to see who is REALLY the boss, and what REALLY matters to Mom and Dad. If that is the case, then the solution is to wait until the phase it over…… Bummer, I know, because as a parent it feels like having nails on the chalkboard all day, every day. Sometimes it will last just a couple of weeks, while child (or parent) figures out what adjustments have to be made. Other times the lack of motivation lasts for months – or even a year – until the child finds something that really sparks an interest. (click here to read the rest of the article…)

We have two high schoolers in our home right now…two GIRLS!! I know their desire to go back to public school and I feel that that poses an even bigger challenge for me. As my prayers for guidance, understanding go up daily, the enemy pushes that much harder. I am mindful that I’m not wrestling or warring against flesh and blood (my own offspring). My girls are not my enemy, but there are days that they represent him well.
I know that I just got into the spiritual battle of it all, but it is who we are. God’s guidance and our faith permeates every facet of our lives.

I KNOW that the tips and wisdom included in Lee’s newsletter will be building blocks for helping my teenagers find and cultivate their interests and passions.
While you’re there, take advantage of what Lee has to offer parents of high school students.

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Happy reading and growing.
Be blessed!