True Beliefs

I feel that I’ve been hiding.

Hiding what I truly believe…been “pretty-ing” things up a little much.

Anyone that knows me in-real-life or via the blogosphere knows that I’m passionate about my walk with God. I am an encourager.

I don’t think that I’ve shared where the fire comes from.

How I think. What I think. Why I think.

Where does my hope come from? What is this joy that I have?

What have I feared in sharing? Nothing really. I don’t seek man’s approval. Is it nice? Sure, but not my aim…anymore.

Several years ago, Brian and I were introduced to a life of faith that has opened our eyes to how awesome God is.

We’ve learned from ministers (Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Dr. Creflo Dollar, Jesse Duplantis, Keith Moore, Jerry Savelle) that have pointed us directly to the Word of God.

Faith that prompted us to believe for things that man’s power could not bring to pass.
Faith that has set us apart from others that don’t “get it”.
Faith that delivers us.
Faith that makes us watch what we say. Our words carry weight…life or death.
Faith that heals us.
Faith that helps us to renew our minds (that’s why Romans 12:2 is a favorite of mine)
Faith that has kept us fed.
Faith that puts gas in the truck. “We don’t have fear in running out! We have faith in running over!”
Faith that puts people in our path that we find favor with.
Faith that takes me out of the equation and God shows up.
Faith that we know that we are more than conquerors.
Faith that we know that our enemy is under our feet.
Faith that makes us hunger for more of God.

I’m sure that there are many more Christ-followers/bloggers that would rather be more bold in proclaiming their faith…true beliefs.

I had a post that I debated on writing because its a little more “in your face.” It’s about the words we speak. Words of death that I hear spoken too often. I think I’ll post it soon.

I wanted to open this up today and finally say that even though my church affiliation says one thing, its SO much more than that! I am a Christ follower first.

Jesus died on that cross not only for my salvation from hell, but a life to be lived to glorify Him. What glory does He get in mediocrity?

Living With Sword and Coffee,