Tower of Babel Pop Up and Read {A Review}

Tower of Babel Pop Up and Read
New Leaf Publishing Group

Tower of Babel Pop Up and Read book is so far one of my favorite Bible happenings books for children that I’ve seen and read!
Tower of Babel 1

I’ve known the account of the Tower of Babel for a long time. The kids and I have discussed it before, but its always great to hear God’s Word.

The children learn the why, who, and what behind the Tower of Babel. It’s not just some favorite regurgitated retelling of a Bible Story.

 Tower of Babel 4
I was challenged by a homeschool speaker recently to stop looking at the events in the Bible as just “Bible Stories”. I look at the truth and facts of God’s Word in a different light so that I can teach them in a more “real” way to my children.
God is powerful, strong, righteous, merciful, longsuffering, jealous. 
I want my children to know the very character of God and how it plays out in each person and happening in the Bible.
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The book is in story-book format to easily help children understand the flow of the Scripture of the text.
Each portion of the story has Scripture to reference on our own.

At the end of the story that has been told, there is a summary and thoughts of application that helps the reader apply the Biblical truth they just learned to their daily lives.
I must say, it was thought provoking for me as well.

Tower of Babel 3

Favorite Features of Tower of Babel Pop Up and Read include:

The pop-up portion of this oversized book is so detailed.
Positioned at the top of the book, the pop-up remains unfolded as you read through the book.

I really like the sturdy, thickness of the pages of the book.

I expect this to be a treasure that is gently tucked away and pulled back out for future generations.
Beautiful fullness of color and rich illustration by Jon Taylor brings text to life.

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*I received the reviewed book as a gift in exchange for a review. The words and opinions are mine!