TOS Homeschool Crew BLOG CRUISE!!


    • What about socialization?
    • How do I know what to teach?
    • How do you know if your kids are keeping up with their peers?
    • How do you handle multiple ages?/How do you homeschool with a baby or toddler?
    • What do you think about co-ops?
    • Do you keep grades?
    • How do you organize your space? (Homeschool room?)
    • How do you find time for everything? (homeschool, housework, time alone, etc.)
    • How do you teach advanced subjects?
    • How has homeschooling affected your family?

Have you ever had those questions when it comes to home educating your children? Well, those any many more will be weighed in on by members of TOS Homeschool Crew that are in the trenches.
Each week questions will be answered in their individual blogs. I’ll do my best to link the new posts weekly. If I should happen to slip, you can always catch up with them by clicking the button in the side bar.
To get you started, check out:

You’ll be glad you did!!!