To My Friends That Want To Know “How We Do It”

The question posed to my husband by one of his customers: “How do you do it? How do you and your wife take care of 6 kids and still be in love?”

His response back to her: “She just refuses to argue with me.”

Her question both flattered and saddened me.

We know that it takes more than that to make marriage work!

I am thankful though that my husband and I don’t make it difficult.

To some onlookers my husband and I seem to have a magic potion that’s exclusive to our marriage.

We most certainly don’t have magic, but we do have the Holy Spirit guiding us through this.

With that couple on the verge of separation there is more that they need than the seemingly simple answers/solutions/advice that my husband and I have to offer.

But this is teaching me to:

  • appreciate the happy willingness that both my husband and I share in making our marriage beautiful.
  • not take any day of our marriage for granted.
  • not be slothful in relating with my husband in even the smallest way.
  • be glad that my husband wants to date me!
  • continue to read the Bible, other books, and articles that deal specifically with enriching our marriage.
  • not be easily offended. What we deal with (things like him taking too long with that plate of food that we’re sharing…he knows) is minute compared to major issues that other couples may deal with.
  • enjoy sitting beside my husband in the evenings; even when I pull away from my writing or reading, and when he’s playing the video game with our boys.

My husband and I pray for the couples that are struggling. May you find God’s answers to your problems. Seek godly counsel and shut out the haters and nay-sayers!

Living With Sword and Coffee,