They Have No Idea

Do you ever have those posts that are breathed from deep within?
The ones that hurt to think about?
The ones that have no form?
The ones that need no “pinnable” photo…or no photo at all, or SEO ranking.

This is one of those.

As I was singing to the Lord about keeping His statues. 

I thought of how precious His Word truly is.

My thoughts quickly went to those that reject my God. How could they?

They have no idea the magnitude of mercy and long-suffering that God has shown them.
They have no idea the reality of hell.
They have no idea what they’re missing out on by not serving and loving God.

Then I think…what about me?!

LORD! Help me to not forget the magnitude of Your mercy and long-suffering with me!
Help me to remember to long for the glorious-ness of heaven that I will see one day!
Help me to yearn for You because my life depends on it!
Help me to accept the love that You redeemed me with!

Living With Sword and Coffee,