The Unofficial Curriculum 2011~2012 List

Most homeschool sites wait until August to post their curriculum choices through link-ups and blog parties. I feel that I need to start a running list now. You know; to help me focus and have everything in one place.

I’m taking my lead and inspiration from my awesome friend,

Samantha of The Kelly Eight.

Her style “wows” me and I wanna be more like her when I grow up! Don’t tell her that because she’d think I’d be cursing myself. But really, I like what she has going on!

She describes the direction of her homeschool the way that I would; Eclectically Biblical with a splash of Classical Charlotte Mason- home education. …but I haven’t committed to Charlotte Mason yet.

Because we are educating 6 children (High school Senior and Junior, Middle School 6th & 8th grades and Elem. School 1st and 4th grades), I’m not listing each child with the subject choices. That list would be a mile long. I’ll spare ya!

One thing we’ll be working on this Fall is putting a Graduation Party together for our oldest child, Our daughter, Aubrey.

She’s graduating high school, y’all!!! I’m excited and at the same time very reflective. She knows the path that is marked out for her.

Maybe I can get her to guest post what her plans are.
Without further ado:


  • Load Up by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland (Youth daily devotional)
  • Discover 4 Yourself Series by Kay Arthur
  • Wherever else the Lord leads us in His Word!


  • Tapestry of Grace Y1 ( We WILL get through Year 1 this year. We WILL get through Year 1 this year.)
  • ACE PACEs American History Gr. 11
  • ACE PACEs Civics Gr. 12

Grammar/Writing/Spelling and all things that go along with:

  • Easy Grammar 12
  • Easy Grammar 11
  • Easy Grammar 8
  • Easy Grammar 6
  • First Language Lessons 3
  • Writing With Ease Level 2
  • Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading


  • Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance
  • Math U See: Pre-Algebra
  • Math U See: Delta
  • Math U See: Beta
  • Math U See: Primer


  • God’s Design For Science by Answers In Genesis (I’ll be taking a kid poll to see which series they want to start with.)

We will be starting Latin as a family. We’ll use Visual Latin.
Its Latin with an ultra funky twist. It makes me want to sit down and learn too!

I will be prowling every used curriculum store/site that I can get my hands/eyes on.

I will be using The Well-Planned Day for the first time in the Fall. I’m looking forward to actually organizing my days!

This post in linked to my friend, Stef’s, “Show off Your Curriculum Link Up”! I’m getting more ideas from her and other home educators.

Living With Sword and Coffee,