The True Reason Why I Write About Marriage

For my sons and daughters.

I want my husband’s and my marriage to be the picture a strong foundation of what we pray our children will one day have.

I want my daughters to see me loving their daddy well.
I want my sons to see what it is to lead a family as a man of God and how to treat a woman well.

Talking with my daughters about relationships and marriage has opened my eyes to why I really write about marriage. They are my first ministry. Its my responsibility and privilege to disciple them.

I can’t lead them anywhere in woman/wifehood without first knowing how to grow myself.

This is totally where Titus 2:1-5 comes into our lives. I’ve taken mentorship in order to give mentorship; being the younger and the older woman.

The true reason that I write about marriage is to equip my children.

I used to think that I wrote for the sole purpose of ministering to married woman. There is that element, but its not the main reason.

There are so many things that I’d love to share with my daughters through my writings. Leaving them a legacy of how God has worked through my marriage.

Our children see how our marriage is played out before anyone reads about it on this screen.

They see the intense fellowship.
They see our flaws, hang-ups and disappointments.
They see us both fail.
They hear words of apology.
They see the moments of playful making up.
They hear words of affirmation.
They know that we don’t have all the answers.
They see parents that can’t keep their hands off each other.
They witness parents that look out for each other; serve each other.
They see parents that aren’t too prideful to take counsel from mentors.
…most of all, they see parents that WANT to do marriage God’s way.

There are a few specifics that I want my daughters to know from other posts that I’ve written below (and I know that I’ll think of many more beyond this post):

Marriage is a “subject” that will always be on my mind. I want mine to grow stronger, deeper, more fun (I almost wrote “funner” but that’s not a word).

The true reason that I write about marriage…is for my sons and daughters.

*Title Image: Bob Faires