The Terrestria Chronicles

A Homeschool Crew Review
Books! Books! Books! LOVE books! Thanks to TOS Homeschool Crew and Ed Dunlop Ministries, we got to review great fiction. We’re always looking for something to read that’s interesting and with Godly character and value. Books without all the mystical to make the story jump off the page. 

Ed Dunlop Ministries proudly boasts that There is NO magic or wizardry in this series! Just what we’re looking for!

Travel back to the days of noble knights and powerful warlords… daring quests and deadly dragons… the days of honor and valor and chivalry.
Visit the kingdom of Terrestria, a land where knights and their ladies live in castles and where dragons still roam (occasionally)…


Book Six: The Golden Lamps
(201 pages) $7.99
In book six, readers are introduced to new characters in the city of Hazah (meaning “to sleep”). The city, filled with young children, has come under attack by the knights of Argamor. The people of the city decide to petition King Emmanuel for a castle to protect them from Argamor’s attacks. They soon realize that building a castle takes a great deal of time, dedication, and sacrifice. When golden lamps are unearthed during the construction of the castle, strange things start to happen…


Book Seven: The Great War
(201 pages) $7.99
In book seven, readers once again join up with Prince Josiah, Prince Selwyn, and Princess Gilda. Prince Josiah has now been a child of the King for 11 years. He and Princess Gilda are married and have a son. Prince Josiah continues to joyfully serve his King as the battle for Terrestria wages on. Josiah soon finds himself face-to-face with the most difficult battle yet…

Ok..I’m partial to Book Seven. We have a 9 year old son, Josiah. He is a very beautiful, 
tender-hearted young man.

When we received books Six and Seven, my first thought was….why not start with book One? That’s okay though, but this series should be read in order. I plan on buying the rest of the series. 

Along with buying the rest of the Terrestria Chronicles, I plan to purchase the 120 pg., spiral bound Study Guide, Visits to Terrestria, also. It sales for $5.99.

Visits to Terrestria takes the reader to a new level of understanding of the series.

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The Terrestria Chronicles series is available for purchase for $47.99.  If you prefer, you can also purchase each book individually for $7.99.

The Terretria Chronicles got great reviews from other TOS Homeschool Crew members. Read for yourself.
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