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The Most Excellent Way to Lead by Perry Noble

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Lead in love is THE theme for The Most Excellent Way to Lead by Perry Noble.

If you’re a Christian in any leadership role, whether in a church, corporation, small business, or in your own home, you are called to do all things in, through and with love.

Perry breaks down each attribute of love from 1 Corinthians 13; best known as the “Love Chapter” in the Bible.

He opens with Jesus being the greatest example of what love is and how we should do it.

Matthew 27 37-40


Perry then leads us into hilarious and relevant stories from his life and brilliantly turns it into a chance to teach about love as described in Scripture.
Each chapter is rounded out with questions to ask yourself and your team, and with quotable phrases that can be used in any social media platform. And it wouldn’t be complete without the #BestWayToLead hashtag!

There are so many things that I enjoyed about The Most Excellent Way to Lead.
With chapter titles like, Patient, Kind, Does Not Envy, Does Not Boast, Not Proud, Does Not Dishonor Others, Always Protects, Always Hopes, I was wondering why I was drawn to another book about love and love in leadership kind of book, but found that I related to several of Perry’s points.
The one that resonated with me most was the chapter, “Is Not Self-Seeking”.

“Are you more concerned about being discovered or being developed?”

discovered or developed


“ If you’re not receiving the attention you think you deserve, don’t consider yourself cursed; consider yourself blessed. Allow God to hide you until He has helped you work past the desire for self-promotion in your leadership position.” –Perry Noble, The Most Excellent Way to Lead

There is so much leadership light packed into this book and I highly recommend it to everyone, no matter what stage of life or capacity you serve in. It could be the very equipping that you need to start on a new journey with God!

You can purchase The Most Excellent Way to Lead wherever books are sold.
There are so many excellent tools (assessments, free chapter, e-book, and more) on the Most Excellent Way to Lead website.

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