The Lord Provided a Home

The Lord Provided a Home

The conversation and decision to move was simple and fast.
Last January (2014), my husband made a random statement, “You know. If we were to move anywhere, it would be to Greenville (SC).”
I simply answered, “Okay! Let’s go!”

That very night I started searching online for our new home.

Our friend and mentor became our Realtor and the looking began.
Because we are self-employed, financing was a beast and was going to take the hand of God to move on our behalf.
Our search was hot and heavy. We expanded our borders and criteria a few times and I’m sure aggravated our Realtor several times!
Fast forward from February to June. We found THE house!

Our criteria was that the home would be a fixer-upper, so we’d already considered the cost of future repairs.
We made an offer. The seller countered. We countered. The seller countered. We countered. The seller accepted someone else’s offer.

Brian kept saying, “That’s our house and no matter how long it takes, we’ll get it.”
Even with that said, we continued our search because we were on a time line.
The Summer came and went, several offers on other homes were made and fell through.
No other house completely satisfied.

During one of our dates on a September evening, we got the text from our Realtor letting us know that THE house was put back on the market.
The listing Agent wanted to know if we we were still interested!

We didn’t waste any time with low bidding. We put the max on the table.
The week that followed; the week that we were waiting to hear back from the seller, was agonizing long for me!

Our cash offer was accepted! ….Then our commitment went south in a hurry.
We had to make other provisions, making our accepted offer void!

Meanwhile, they accepted another offer!!
Our new financed offer was now the seller’s backup offer.
Our faith was saying, “Uh! NO! That’s OUR house and the current offer will not go through.”

We sought the Lord for clear direction and asked God for His miraculous favor.
During this time we shopped for a loan.

We went through the formalities of paperwork and questions answered.
The bank said NO.
After this phone call, my spirit was in knots and my faith was.

Then, what people have said is impossible and NEVER heard of happened!
The bank called back and said YES!

Then, what people have said is impossible and NEVER heard of happened!
The seller (which is the state of SC) said YES!

There were slow downs, snags and hiccups along the way, but we stood solid on knowing that this was too well orchestrated by the Lord to not go through!

I just wanted to take this time to share the story of our home purchase. We closed on our home in November!
In this process we had to put our faith to work. Most times my husband’s faith was stronger than mine! We stood on God’s word, making them our prayer.

There were many friends that were such an encouragement to me during this time. They truly stood in the gap, helped me to gain perspective, allowed me to vent and loved me through it all! To those friends, I’m so grateful!

Renovation started shortly after Thanksgiving and we’re loving the process. We pray that the end results will be a warm, cozy dwelling place for family and friends for many, many years to come!

With Sword and Coffee,