The Homeschool Crew – I’m In!!!

A little over a month ago I submitted reviews in order to be considered for a “position” on The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Homeschool Crew.
For the past day and a half I, and many other ladies, was on pins and needles with anticipation about the news of my acceptance.
The email came in the wee hours (only 12:30 a.m.) that I made the crew.

I am aware that every product has to be reviewed. Reviewing anything isn’t always an easy task, but very doable. I expressed to my husband that this is an opportunity for me to learn more along with my children. I know that I will be so much more involved in every aspect of their lives and will be in the trenches with them.

The Lord is the head of our home, family and school. Even though most of the path will be laid out before us, His guidance is still number one.

I will be receiving an information packet soon so that I’ll know exactly what is required of me and my family.

I’m so glad to have this blog to share what we will be using and how it will impact my family’s homeschool.