That Time of Year AGAIN!!


I was asked the question by my friend Jodi what our Summer plans were.
Is it THAT time already!!?

I remember what my plans for the summer were last year; light school with mostly relaxation. 

My plans were actually more like ALL relaxation. I thoroughly enjoyed a “school-free” summer. I made the executive decision to just chill. 

I’m not gonna teeter-totter in my decision for summer plans this year…I’m gonna find actual activities learning adventures for us to get into. 

Reading more with and to the kids is the only thing on my agenda as far as the kiddos go…which is probably the most important thing I can do with them.

Focusing on the Fall is what I’LL be doing as it relates to setting goals, purchasing curriculum, lesson plans, possible co-ops, other classes, testing for my oldest daughter, field trips and whatever else I can think of between now and then. 

I know this is a loaded question, but what are YOU doing for the Summer?

Oh… I almost forgot! We will be vacationing in June to Ruby Falls. Sounds like a great education time! 

If any of you live in that area, let me know. It would be cool to meet up!!

Until next time…
Be abundantly blessed!!