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I’ve been learning so much about creation since becoming actively involved with Creation Conversations and the group Teaching Creation Thursdays. I asked my creation studies mentor, Dr. Carolyn Reeves, for deeper stuff pertaining to Darwinism, Evolution and Creation. She is truly coming through!

*The material is more for the parent/teacher.

How in the world did Darwinian evolution reach the place where it is one of the few subjects in science that is not openly and fairly debated? Critical analysis of research is what gives science a high level of trust and credibility. When science works like it should, bad ideas are weeded out and good ones are strengthened. During all the biology and science classes I had taken, only one professor in one class ever fairly discussed weaknesses of Darwinian evolution. So, I naively assumed that the evidence for evolution was so overwhelming that all scientists agreed it was true.

I remember when I first read a well-documented book that challenged Darwinian evolution. I had just completed a master’s degree in combined sciences. After only a few chapters, I began to feel indignation and even anger. There were facts and explanations that challenged Darwin’s proposals that anyone in graduate school should have known, but I was reading about them for the first time.

It’s not hard to show that living things can change (or evolve) in many minor ways over a few generations, such as in size, shape, color, and number of appendages. I had been persuaded in dozens of science classes that these kinds of changes were proof that every thing that ever lived had originated from the same one-celled organism millions of years ago.

I can accept that all canines may have come from an original created set or sets of canines and over the years evolved into a huge variety of dogs, wolves, and coyotes. The same thing is true of original created sets of eagles, horses, and pine trees. However, I no longer accept that dogs, eagles, horses, and pine trees evolved from the same one-celled ancestor.

Like me, most adults were presented only evidence for Darwinian evolution elementary and secondary schools, textbooks, library books, TV documentaries, and college courses. They had few opportunities to examine real scientific evidence that challenge Darwinian evolution. The next few posts will give members of this group opportunities to examine good scientific evidence that challenges Darwinian evolution and supports creationism. Some of these articles may be a little technical, but they will be well worth your time.

Have you even been told that the Grand Canyon is billions of years old and is a record of the evolution of many of the living things on earth? The standard history of Grand Canyon is that each layer represents millions of years of time and formed as ocean levels rose and lowered. When ocean waters covered the land, sediments were deposited on the floor of the ocean. When then ocean waters receded, the former ocean floor became dry land and began to be eroded. The key words are deposited and eroded. Evolutionary scientists tell us that the history of the land can be determined by going from the deepest (oldest) layers up to the top (youngest) layers.

Scientists assume that Grand Canyon contains a number of missing layers, known as paraconformities, where hundreds of millions of years passed as sedimentary layers were deposited and then eroded away. These layers were assumed to have existed, but there is no evidence that they did. Continue reading Dr.Ariel Roth’s challenges to the idea that hundreds of millions of years passed between flat level layers in the Grand Canyon and left no evidence of gulley erosion that occurred during that time period.

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Questions to Ponder:

  • Do you see why it is important that uncensored, open debates, especially among scientists, should be a part of good science?
  • Did you see that evolutionary scientists were basing their explanations for how the canyon formed on a number of assumptions?
  • Do you think the canyon’s sedimentary layers could logically be explained by a worldwide catastrophic flood (such as the Genesis Flood)?

If you would like to read additional articles, go to Dr. Ariel Roth’s website, Science and Scripture and see “discussions.”
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