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I want to introduce you to a new to me resource for teaching creation in a fun way.

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Through Media Angel, Felice Gerwitz, offers an online Creation class featuring Tom DeRosa of Creation Studies Institute.

Creation Kids Online Classes, recommended for Upper Elementary and Middle School grades, are based on texts written by Tom Derosa and Carolyn Reeves.

Forces and Motion


These books teach good science; support a supernatural creation and a worldwide flood; and challenge Darwinian evolution. This is a good opportunity for parents to preview some of the lessons from these books. They are a great aid in teaching these lessons to students.

On Demand Creation Kids Online Classes include:

  • Orientation to Hands-On Science
  • Class 1:  Motion, Speed and Free Fall
  • Class 2:  Forces through Space
  • Class 3: Machines at Work
  • Class 4: Matter and Its Strange Substances
  • Class 5: Water Everywhere and so Important to Life
  • Class 6: Chemicals that React

You can preview a class for free to get a taste of what each lesson will be like.
When you decide to purchase the the classes, there is a one time fee of only $24.95.

Included with this cost is

  • SIX one hour On demand and downloadable video sessions plus a bonus video
  • Handouts for the Presentation
  • Additional Activities

With that introduction to the online classes, I’d like to tell you about a coming giveaway for you, the adult, next week!

Tom DeRosa was gracious enough to offer a copy of his book,
Evolution’s Fatal Fruit: How Darwin’s Tree of Life Brought Death to Millions

Let’s chat about creation in the Teach Creation Thursday group at Creation Conversations, or join us in our new Google+ Community!

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