Teaching Creation Thursday: Made in Heaven {The Spider and Bullet Proof Vests}

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God has made so many fascinating things! I know that scientist imitate some of the very qualities and attributes that animals and insects have to make our lives as humans better, safer, and more productive.

Check out one of God’s wonders!

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Attribution: Richard Gunther

The Spider and Bullet Proof Vests

We love the men and women who keep us safe.  From local police officers to our military and our troops who serve overseas, these faithful protectors face dangers on a daily basis.
One of the greatest dangers that these brave men & women face is gunfire.  Usually the only thing that stands between life and death is an anti-ballistic vest, commonly known as a bulletproof vest

The most commonly known is Kevlar® which was invented in 1965 and has been synonymous with bulletproof vests. 

Unfortunately nothing practical exists that is bulletproof, only bullet resistant. 
Scientists have been cleverly searching new avenues to change that. 

Where they are looking may surprise you.

The spider may seem an unconventional source for the next generation of anti-ballistic defense.  The spider has long been the stuff of myth, movie, story and fable. 

What isn’t a fable is the amazing strength found in their spider silk.  It is the strongest known biological material to date.

600px-Bark_Spider_2011 edited from picmonkey
Recently scientists have discovered that the Malagasy spider, also known as Darwin’s bark spider, is strand for strand 10 times stronger than Kevlar®.  

Can the search for the next super material be closer than we think?
Adapted from Made in Heaven* by Ray Comfort and Jeffrey Seto available at Amazon.com (Ray Comfort is a best-selling author and *Jeff Seto is an Aerospace Engineer).
My husband shared with me that when he was a boy, he spotted a black widow spider in its web in the eave of his dog’s doghouse. He got his BB gun to shoot the web out…really aiming for the spider. The BB would not penetrate the web! Love that he was able to share his “real-life” experience!

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