Take Back Your Time

When a **book is deeply needed and easily implemented it’s a great pleasure to share it with the world (or at least the handful of readers that I have)!

I received Take Back Your Time by Morgan Tyree to review and to give a copy away.
Honestly, I didn’t think that I NEEDED a book like this, but I’d seen the awesome quotes on Instagram and figured that it could help me after all!

I’m a stay at home wife and mom or teens and young adults. Outside of home educating the last two, my time is pretty much mine to do with it as I pleased.
…and that’s where the hard rub comes in.
With having so much time on my hands, I wasn’t being a wise steward of it.
I found myself just going with the flow of whatever comes along.

Sure, I have daily tasks and responsibilities, but an intentionally fulfilled life was missing.

From the introduction Morgan had me pondering what I’ve been doing with my days.
I’ve started on a journey of making and evaluating my goals for my entire life.
I want to leave a legacy of richness of faith, diligence of work, and abundance of wealth.
It’s both a mindset and a doing-set (yep, I just made that word up! You can use it anytime you’d like).
In Take Back Your Time, Morgan is helping with realizing that I don’t have to have it ALL figured out! It is so beneficial and important to live every day with margin AS I make goals and plans for the future.

Time, when I think about it, is mostly lived in segments, and that’s what I’d like to focus on for a moment.

The most impactful chapter for me has been “Your Productivity”.


I recently asked friends what living a fulfilled life looked like to them. I got a great mixture of answers. As good and honorable as the answers were, it wasn’t quite what I was trying to put my finger on. What I wanted to know most of all was how did they invest their time.

Your Productivity” hits the area in my life that begs of clarification as Morgan dives into the rhythm of our days.
I found more freedom in knowing that my days can be somewhat predictable and most productive when I work within MY rhythm.

Look for the sweet spot somewhere in the middle – somewhere between scheduling too little and scheduling too much. I feel a sense of peace when I have enough to do but not too much to do.
– Morgan Tyree, Take Back Your Time

This review could easily be multi-part because Morgan walks us through three zones; Green, Yellow, and Red, to help us take back our time.

I’ve included other features of Take Back Your Time from the back cover below:

Morgan shows you how to organize and manage your time using her simple three-color time zone system of green, yellow, and red–moxie time, multitasking time, and me time. She shows you how to:

  • identify your most productive times each day
  • regulate between essentials and nonessentials
  • schedule your three time zones
  • match your time zones with your capacities
  • welcome the season of life you’re in
  • set achievable goals that align with your values

The tagline for Take Back Your Time absolutely perfectly describes that this book is about.
Identify Your Priorities, Decrease Stress, and Increase Productivity.
If you’d like to read an except, click HERE to be directed to the PDF.

I highly recommend Take Back Your Time!
And I’m thankful to have been given the chance to share this review with you through the generosity of publishers,
Revell, and The Blythe Daniel Agency (Blog About Blogger Network).


Living to Worship Him,