Sometimes I’m Thrilled

green grass and sunshine 
My husband blessed me tremendously last night with his words!
In the moments before sleep fell on us both, I let him know that he makes me happy. 
His response, “You make ME happy. Sometimes I’m thrilled.”

My heart soared, all the while wondering if there was anything that I’d done differently, more of, or better recently. Nothing came to my remembrance.

He’s thrilled just because I’m me…his wife! He loves loving me. I love returning the same. 

To expect him to be thrilled by/with me 100% of the time would be unrealistic and unfair. I know that I’m not always who I need to be for him, but he knows that I’m a work in progress…as is he.

We are in the business of honoring our covenant with each other. We’re learning what extending grace looks like.

It does the soul good to hear warming and affirming words from my husband. He lavishes me in them.

Have you done the same for your spouse lately?

Living With Sword and Coffee,

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