Someone Else’s Toilet I have to admit that I’m truly a girly-girl and not cut out for hard labor. I was a little grossed out today. Grossed out by that fact that I had to clean someone else’s toilets (and other things that are not my own)!

My husband has gone into business with a friend doing handy-man work for a property management company. He got a rush job that has to be completed by tomorrow.
The house is beautiful and BIG. Well, big when I’m one of the ones that have to clean it. It was only a 3000 sq.ft. house.
I am tired to the max!
I came home to a junkie house, dishes filled sink, the remnants of a blender experiment gone wrong and the neighbor’s son (that my daughter was babysitting) with his diaper hanging down past his knees.Then I had to make sure that everyone was fed.
I just sat down to gather my thoughts and decided on this post. This is the not-so-typical day in the life of me. I pray that I don’t have any or many more like it.
I spoke too soon! I get to do it all over again tomorrow. Different house, same routine.

There is a positive side…I get to be a blessing to my husband and I get time with him that I wouldn’t otherwise.
I really don’t mind helping him and I do it with a cheerful attitude. No use in nagging and complaining, right?