Since Becoming A Blogger…


I’ve been pretty contemplative lately. Mainly because our family is getting older and we have daughters that are realizing things and are becoming more mature in their faith.

Brian and I have a unique advantage; one that every parent should take to heart.

We learn.

We learn how to become better to and for each other.

In turn, we teach.

We teach our children what it means to love. Love each other passionately. Love others with compassion.

Ultimately all glory is God’s. I must add though, that a lot of credit goes to our business coaches and mentors.
I have to take it further and say that I’ve learned so much from my community of blogging sisters. Too many to name and I’m sure some that I’ve sadly long forgotten; but learned, I have.

Submission for me came easy. What expanded my understanding of that is something that I learned from my blogging sisters; Biblical Womanhood.

Those are the things that I want to walk out in the rest of my days. Things that I want to pass on to my daughters…something we are being and becoming successful in.

It is true that there are those that tote the biblical womanhood badge, but have it wrong or skewed. I’m well aware of that.

Everything that I read, I weigh it by the Word of God. The Holy Spirit gives me discernment.

If there is something that I don’t understand or that doesn’t set well in my spirit, I do have those that I trust that seek God in all matters that I bounce those thoughts and ideas off of.

What I want to say is THANK YOU to all of my blogging sisters that are being led by God and that are sharing your heart with women like me that long for understanding and deeper insight into God’s Word!

Living With Sword and Coffee,