Silence Is My Love Language


It would seem odd to have a photo of a microphone with the title.
Microphones amplify sound; not silence sound.
I get it, but let me explain.

When I crave silence, music is my happy place.
It silences inner negative dialogue, it silences the enemy’s accusations,
it silences children (I’m not the only one that needs a listening break).
It calms my soul!

It’s a communion with God and an invitation to the Holy Spirit to speak to me.
In those times He engulfs me with His presence.

God speaks my love language of silence better than anyone else.
The silence is that secret place for Him to give me a new song,
to bring melodies to my heart, to sing my prayer language.
It’s such a sweet time.

Whether it’s on the stage, or in the private spaces of my home,
I get to offer back to Him my gratitude through worship.
Silencing all other things to bring forth the song in my heart.


Living to Worship Him,