Not too long ago I was focused on beautifying and decorating my home with the latest in accessories, fabrics, furniture, gadgets and trinkets . That is something that is still a dream, but put on the back-burner (WAY in the back).

I used to get “Home” type magazines and catalogs; tons of catalogs. As I looked in my mailbox today, I found or noticed that all I get or request nowadays are homeschool related magazines and catalogs. I genuinely get excited about it!!

I have shifted my focus. The things that used to intrigue me (home magazines) don’t have as much appeal as it used to. Not a bad thing. Just an observation that I’m going with the best thing.

I realized that I get to beautify my home with other, more important things; my children smiling when they learn a new concept or skill, them giggling because one of the other ones made a goofy face.
Just to see my children sprawled out across the worn sofas and carpet playing with each other, watching TV or playing games with Daddy.

That is beauty at this moment in my life. This season is to be one of really enjoying my children and not wishing the time away to when they will be out of the house.

I pray that the Lord will enlighten all of my days and help me to daily see the beauty of what is right in front of me.