She’s Staying in the Castle

I think that this is one of the most impactful books that my oldest daughter has read! This is not necessarily a “book review”; its a testimonial of what God is doing in the life of my child/His child.

“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood…” 1 Peter 2:9
Stay in the Castle by Pastor Jerry Ross is the story of a young lady who finds herself at a crossroad. One road marked, “My will”. The other, “God’s will”. It is a Love Story. A story of misplaced love, lost love and genuine love realized. Best of all, Stay in the Castle is a true story.

This story goes to show that God’s will and way are absolutely best. We can miss out on sooo much blessing when we do things our way.
Thankfully my daughter sees that not waiting for the man that God set apart for her could lead to many miles of disappointment and heartache.
Aubrey is now reading the companion booklet (46 pages), “Seven Royal Laws of Courtship Practical Advice for Both the Knight in Training and the Princess in Waiting” by Pastor Jerry Ross.

The Seven Royal Laws of Courtship:
By the grace of Almighty God…

  1. I will marry the person God has created for me.image
  2. I will arrive at the marriage alter morally pure.
  3. I will arrive at the marriage altar prepared to fulfill my responsibilities as a marriage partner.
  4. Our marriage will have the blessing of both sets of parents and our pastors.
  5. I will have glorified God and maintained an unquestionable Christian testimony throughout my courtship.
  6. I will give to my partner someone who understands and practices real agape love.
  7. On my wedding day, I will be in a position to fulfill God’s specific calling for my life.

Pastor Ross’ book is jam packed with God’s Word to back up what he is saying. It’s hard hitting. If there is any worldly mindset in your teenager about dating, then they should be prepared to be challenged and transformed (if they’re willing).
It’s truly clicking with my daughter. Is it always easy? No. She’s 15 years old. She has the world-view teenage desire going on that she’s diligently seeking God’s face to overcome. Thankfully, she’s seeing so many errors in her way of thinking. It’s so important that our children see God’s word FOR THEMSELVES. That way, they are without excuse.
The light has been revealed to me through this book also. Its what I needed in my teen years to be honoring to God and my husband. The best that I/we (Brian and I) can do now is train our children in God’s Word and teach them things that we didn’t learn until adulthood.
How we came into possession of these two powerhouse booklets: Brian’s cousin was speaking with my daughters on Christmas Eve about the types of guys that come through the prison system where he works. He expressed to them how these men start out as young boys on the wrong path. He warned the girls that if they aren’t protective of what/who God’s has for them in a future husband, there’s no telling what kind of man they’ll get. He then urged them to “Stay in the Castle”.
As he was leaving, he was sharing with his wife, who was already waiting in the car, what he told the girls. She reached up to grab something off the dash and said, “Look at what our daughter put in the car today!!” It was those two books! It was totally a God thing!!
I have since ordered a copy of both for another young lady in our lives.
If you are interested in picking these books up, you can visit the Stay in the Castle site. Stay in the Castle is $2.50 and Seven Royal Laws of Courtship is $3.00. Yeah! You heard me right!! Order several copies to give away!
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