Saturday Ease: CREATE {made with Canva}


Saturday Ease Create Made With Canva


I don’t think that I will highlight companies like these often, but I’ve found a new fondness and excited liking to Canva.

Thanks to the introduction by Crystal Stine, I’ve been able to CREATE several graphic designs for my blog, Instagram, Facebook, twitter and Google+ profiles!

I know that many have their preferences for creating and I’m sure that I’ll still use other ones from time to time, but for now, Canva has my CREATE heart!

Below are a few “stand alone” quotes that I’ve done. Other works will appear in blog posts.


PRAYER quote from Oswald chambersremain spiritually tenacious

When we, as parents, need to teach ourWhere's my joy

Colossians 2 six through sevenEXERCISE (1)


Share with me some of YOUR favorite sites that you use to CREATE!


With Sword and Coffee,