Sarah’s Wish (A Homeschool Crew Review)

Books, books and more books! We LOVE books! Without books life for me would be pretty ho-hum. Just the smell, feel and weight of books keeps me happy.
I enjoy a lot of genres but one of my favorites is Historical Fiction. It’s so much more enthralling to read than text-book history. Characters and settings bring the event to life.
The only way to see images of what is being read leap off the pages is to have a great author. Mr. Jim Baumgardner has proven to be just that author.
I received an autographed copy of image Sarah’s Wish a novel by Jim Baumgardner to read and write a review for. Sarah’s Wish is the first of three books in the Sarah Books series.

With the recent death of her mother, Sarah Smith now had the lives of Rachel’s “packages” in her hands. She must act today. Sarah’s Wish invites you to enter the 19th century world of secrets and broken promises, runaways and slave catchers, colorful gypsies and noisy riverboats, and Granny. Although Granny’s hilarious dialect and lively antics are sure to keep you laughing, not all is happy. Emotions take a ride as Sarah’s big wish appears hopeless. But when life is at it’s darkest, the butterflies come! from back cover of Sarah’s Wish

Sarah’s Wish is 126 pages of pure excitement! Want more? When you purchase Sarah’s Wish there is a coupon code for an Audio Book Download included!!!
You can purchase Sarah’s Wish for $9.95 (Author’s Price). Retail value is $10.99 and receive free shipping and handling.
You can also purchase Sarah’s Wish Audio Book – 4 CD’s approx. 4 hrs. listening for $16.99 (Author’s Price). Retail value is $24.99. Shipping and handling is also free.
Mr. Baumgardner has been generous enough to offer Friends of the TOS Homeschool Crew a wonderful special.
I didn’t know how to attach this order form any other way, so please copy and paste the following form into whatever you use to create your documents (i.e. Word, Google Documents, etc)

Specials for Friends of the TOS Homeschool Crew
Not offered on my website–Order by mail only

Sarah’s Wish – 126 pages $8.50 retail: $10.99 save $2.49

Sarah’s Promise – 245 pages $10.50 retail: $14.99 save $4.49

Sarah’s Escape – 304 pages $15.50 retail: $21.99 save $6.49

Extra special offer: Purchase all of the items above and add an extra copy of Sarah’s Wish for $4.00. You can give it to a friend. They will think you are great!
Cut here / return bottom portion with check or money order

Number Amount

Sarah’s Wish _____ $_________

Sarah’s Promise _____ $_________

Sarah’s Escape _____ $_________

Sarah’s Wish (extra special offer) _____ $ _________

Total _____ $_________

Shipping/Handing Free! Wow!!

Name: ________________________________________________
Town, State, Zip: _______________________________________
Email address:___________________________________________
I heard of this offer here:______________________________blog.

Send order to: Sarahbooks, P.O.Box 753, Derby, Ks. 67037

Ask me how you can receive a special discount on my next book by offering this same special to those who read your blog.

I hope you enjoy the Sarah books, and thank-you for the order. When you think about buying gifts for friends or family, these books are great. Everyone likes to own a book autographed by the author. Blessings to you and your family, Jim Baumgardner

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