Resign or Embrace

Resign or Embrace

resign: give up

embrace: accept

There are many things in life that we can make the choice to resign or embrace.

It usually begins from young-adulthood.
Lofty dreams and aspirations that were ours for the taking when we were children are dashed with naysayers, bound by a perception of lack, or having the feeling of not having what it takes.

I’ve had both, the resignation and embracing, seasons in my life; where I felt that the very thing that I was passionate about, and lived all of my young life for had to be met with a letter of resignation.
I didn’t want to have the feeling that I would never taste the magnitude of the satisfaction that it could potentially bring, but other things were the most important; per my choosing and my desire for something that far outweighed the applause of man.

In that resignation, I benefited from the embrace of the season change.
Opportunity to develop other skills, talents, and passions started to flood in.

The feeling that I’d lost myself was replaced with finding it when I leaned into the embrace.
The embrace broke the dam of the resignation and I’d realized that I’d been holding on to bitterness and mounds of disappointment.

Resign or Embrace Quote

To resign or embrace can feel very similar. There is the tug, risk, and the tension of weighing them both.
Most of the time we already know the right thing to do.

I’ve learned to seek and take counsel from trusted friends or mentors.
The beauty of resigning and embracing is that it can be carefully sketched out when we use maturity and ask Holy Spirit for wisdom.

Have there been things, either in the past or presently, that you’re feeling the tension of resigning or embracing?
I’d love to hear any other thoughts you have on this subject!

Living to Worship Him,