Reduced to Schedules

Reduced to Schedules rekindling the passion

3 words hit my brain as my former Worship Pastor, Scott talked about rekindling the things that once made us passionate about the things of God;
those things that had us most radical in our day to day.

Those 3 words are: reduced to schedules.

I’ve lived by the scheduled dates on a calendar.
My brain only races and leaves room for the next thing on the list;
whether it be our sons’ sports practices and games, ministry work, reading and blogging deadlines, or leading a Bible Study group.

Scheduled dates written in ink.

I keep telling myself that its only for a season.
I keep reminding myself that the kids wont be home forever and I don’t want to look back in a few years and regret the time I didn’t savor.

But you know, while those things are true, I STILL have to make that stillness time with my Lord top priority.

I even wrote about it a few weeks ago in How Dare I Be So Bold!

While the schedules are pressing and necessary for order,
so is the rekindling of my spirit and soul.

I don’t want to live a life that’s reduced to schedules.

I want to remember that margin.
To take that time out to get back to that thing that had my whole being burning and yearning for the things of God;
for His Holy presence showing up when I REALLY dig into His Word;
the Holy Spirit visiting me in my praise and worship back to Him;
the awe and wonder of Who Jesus truly is to me;
and back to those times that our children observe and desire to seek Him for themselves.

Lord, that I may dwell in Your presence!

This wonderful resource that has helped me with those margins and getting back to the things that I’m passionate about!
I read Breaking Busy (aff) by Alli Worthington and it has been a game changer for me!

Living to Worship Him,