Radically In Love

What warrants those words from my husband?

What warrants those words from my husband after laying open and sharing what I’ve been fearful of lately?

Seeing my flaws.

“I’m radically in love with you.”

I honestly think that is why he sent those words to me in a text message.

The day of my 39th Birthday (August 29) seemed to be the ultimate in stressful.

My mind in a fog, heavy.

I talked out my frustrations and concerns with my husband right before he closed his eyes to sleep.

He heard me. Held me. Prayed for me.

Prayed that God would give me peace that I couldn’t comprehend; that I would accept His peace. Prayed that he would be the friend and confidant that he needed to be for me.

I’m thankful.

The next day was more of the same.
A heavy mind and heart.
Weight on my body.

As I shared again, my man gently guided my head to his chest and said,
“Lay your heaviness on me.”

With those words my body relaxed. The fears hidden in my heart brought to light. Looking to God for solutions and direction.

Allowing my husband to comfort me.
Allowing him to be my best friend.

My man got it right! He didn’t give me any “knee-jerk” answers.

He didn’t try to fix anything.

He listened. He was there.

I openly shared. He openly loved.

This is intimacy at one of its finest moments.

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