Promises and Guarantees

I absolutely LOVE God’s Word!! I find pleasure in flipping through the pages of my Bible to feast on His greatness; when it’s for blessing or reproof (which ultimately, through obedience, turns into blessings).

My current Bible is the New Spirit Filled Life Study Bible.

It had already been showing signs of wear. A torn out page here, a ripped page there, a wrinkled page everywhere, but I trudged on.

Last night, the first part of Genesis separated from my Bible!

I had a few thoughts about that:

  • I need a new Bible. Response to myself: Do you REALLY?
    • I’m blessed to be able to freely have a Bible (or two, or five) to wear out! Praise You God!
    • Final thought: I’ll keep on with this one. It’ll be a reminder of how much I’m to depend on, meditate on and live by God’s Word.

    When I showed Brian my Bible, his only response was, “Good.”. “Good?” I asked. As soon as I asked him that I knew exactly what he meant. What a man! He was being encouraging.

    Side note (ok, Tangent…) I’m thinking back on something that Joyce Meyer says and have to be mindful of my motives for doing this, “Just because your Bible looks like a coloring book doesn’t mean that you know or do what it says.” OUCH.  But so true.

    Back to the Title of this post.

    I posted about my Bible on facebook. One of my friends suggested that I look in my Bible for a phone number to call to see if they’ll replace it. I looked and told her that there were no promises or guarantees for replacing it.

    THAT got my mind going. No promises or guarantees. Hmmmm. I promptly replied, “I looked, but no such promise or guarantee from the publisher, but I can deal with that because I have a more eternal promise and guarantee. That could preach! LOL. I couldn’t resist. :)”

    AMEN! If I must say so myself. 

    I know that any of you that read my posts feel the same way about the Word. GOD’S LIVING WORD!!

    Until next time…Be abundantly blessed!

    I know that a friend had trouble posting a comment. If you, too, are one of them, I apologize. Trying now to see what craziness is goin’ on here.