Peace Pirates – Book Review and Giveaway

Peace Pirates Book Review

Peace Pirates encourages and equips moms to stay ahead of what steals their peace and joy, so they can fully experience the blessings of motherhood, that parenting isn’t just a title; it is a treasure.


I’m all about keeping peace and the title of the book was an immediate YES for me to read and review it.
Although I’m pretty much out of the “raising them up” years when it comes to my children, I know many moms that are still wanting to conquer the things that steal their peace.



In the first part of the book; Confessions of a Pirate Mom, I nodded my head in knowing exactly the plight Ashley found herself in.

In the second part; The Four Peace Pirate I found myself eerily still wading in those waters, especially that fourth Peace Pirate: Excessive Expectations.

Unmet and/or realistic expectations are difficult peace pirates, but we can manage our expectations well when we align the with God’s expectations for our lives and homes.
– Ashley Willis, Peace Pirates, pg. 129

She gives examples on how to look at and deal with expectations that may we may discover as either righteous or something that needs to be taken off the table because it won’t yield good fruit.
It really helped me to put things in the right perspective and ultimately in God’s hands.

chaos quote

God’s peace isn’t simply the absence of chaos —
it’s God pulling us out from under the authority
of chaos and into His loving arms.

Final Thoughts

I was able to get some refreshers from Peace Pirates and I knew going into reading it that it would feel more geared to mothers that have young children.

If that is the season that you are in, or no a mother that’s there and needs to know how to navigate toward peace in the middle of chaos, I invite you to enter the GIVEAWAY!
One winner will receive an Autographed, hardcover copy of Peace Pirates.


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