Peace Is Possible

peace is possible3
If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.
Romans 12:18

“IF it is possible”

Why does it depend on me?

I can choose peace.

Others may not choose peace with me.

Living peaceably comes pretty naturally to me.

Peaceful Phlegmatic. Introvert.

Those are words that I use to describe myself.

I cringe at the thought of not living peaceably with all men.

I don’t like confrontation…or even a little discomfort.

This is how I *try* to deal with things that could cause me to not live peaceably:

  • Seek God’s counsel.
  • Talk out frustrations with my husband.
  • Stay quiet. Sometimes quiet to a fault.
  • Think before I speak.
  • Weigh my own part. Am I wrong in this?
  • Talk openly with a trusted girlfriend (different from my man’s perspective).

I’m not saying that I always keep my peace, but it looks more like an internal turmoil.

I don’t always live at peace with myself.

The festering of bruised feelings.

Taking my own poison.

Smiling on the outside. Pleading with God on the inside.
“Give me back my peace! I can not do without it!”

What about peace with others though? I too often mask peace with quiet.

I’m a faker.

Wow! I just plopped that right down on the table, didn’t I?!
I fake letting things go.

I fake not having hurt feelings by telling myself to “just get over it”.

I don’t retaliate. I don’t seek vengeance. I don’t return evil for evil.

I stay quiet…

So, I now ask myself:
What does living peaceably with all men REALLY mean?

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