Overwhelmed? I’ve Been There

Oh my dear friend,
I can empathize with your “overwhelmed”. I’ve been there. It visits me at times. It touches my loved ones sometimes too.

I want to make it clear to you. It is not a sin to be overwhelmed!
You’ve indentified it. Now its time to deal with it.

My close friend, Stephanie Shott, founder of The M.O.M. Initiative asked the MOM Initiative writers (myself included) to share in our new eBook about our “Overwhelmed” experiences so that we can minister to moms that are seeking a way to deal with overwhelm.

I wont go into my “overwhelm” story here because you’ll get a chance to read it in the new book.

Overwhelmed from the MOM initiative cover
I do want to share more of the heart of how God can use Overwhelmed ~ 31 Stories from M.O.M. in your circle of MOMs; whether its in your church or small group.

We’ll be launching Overwhelmed ~31 Stories from M.O.M. Monday, January 7. We want to make it available for you to help lead an Overwhelmed Study.

I’ll be linking with the M.O.M. Initiative to form a local group. I’m excited about the calling and mission that God has placed me in. It is our passion to “take Titus 2 to the streets”.

Are you interested in starting a local M.O.M. Initiative group?
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If you haven’t connected to The M.O.M. Initiative on Twitter, through email subscription, or our Facebook community, I highly encourage you to.

Living With Sword and Coffee,