Continuous Outpouring


I just starting reading a book that I picked up over a month ago (I have a habit of “snippet reading”),
called Unceasing Worship by Harold M Best.
This isn’t an endorsement or suggestion (yet) because I haven’t read the whole thing.
But what I want to share with you is a part that was like WOW to me!

The author uses the term “Continuous outpouring” as a definition of the true worship of God.

I was intrigued to read that:

Continuous implies relentlessness; the opposite of periodic or sporadic.
Outpouring implies lavishness and generosity. Pouring is seamless.
Outpouring surpasses measuring out or filling quotas, even to the extent that it does not matter if some of it spills over in gracious waste.
– Harold M Best

THIS is truly a call for me to examine the lifestyle of worship!
There isn’t a moment that goes by that we shouldn’t thank God for His goodness, for Who He is, and what He’s done just for us.
As Mary of Bethany continuously poured out the most precious oil offering of worship that she had on Jesus’ feet; and as Paul continuously poured out his life as a drink offering of worship to God, we’re needing to just as much.
A relentless pursuit.

In the midst of everything that you have going on today, take a moment to reflect on what is getting your continuous outpouring of worship. It can be a sobering thought, but also a great way to realign with our heavenly Father.


Living to Worship Him,