Out of the Muddle


Okay, I’ll admit that I know a little bit about today’s #5mfw prompt, MUDDLE.
Just to say the word sounds like a big mess, chaos and confusion.

There’s only so long I’m willing to talk about the muddle before I’m ready to talk about calm, clarity and peace.

I just finished leading a small group Bible study, Everyday Peace by Katie Orr.
One of my favorite quotes from the study is,


In every potential fear, worry, & failure,
we must be selective with what we
allow to permeate our hearts.

I can’t use the term, “I’m just muddling through.” if someone asks me how I’m doing or feeling.
That’s a declaration of defeat and dread.
There has to be the deep connection with peace that wells up.

How can you be selective about what you allow to permeate in your heart?
Do you fight to overcome the muddle?
Do you need encouragement?
How may I pray for you?


Living to Worship Him,