Not Until It Got Personal


Meg Hykes, Homeschoolin’ Mama, asked some bloggers to share in 31 Days of Thanks.

At first glance of this post, you may be baffled about how this has anything to do with being thankful.

Sharing Christ with unbelievers didn’t really prick my heart or make me buckle with compassion for them

Not until it got personal!

Haven’t I heard “The Great Commission” Matthew 28:16-20? I most certainly have.

I KNOW that it’s Jesus’ mission to save the lost, and heal the sick, and offer abundant life and eternal life with Him in heaven.

I don’t take that stuff lightly.

He did this very thing for me!

This, I’ll NEVER forget.

This is the way that we’ve raised our children.

To love God, and desire to love, worship and serve Him.

There is no question that our household will be saved.

We chose as a family Whom we would serve; the LORD! Joshua 24:15.

I didn’t really give a second thought to families that were living in shambles because of their lack of faith in Christ.

Our pastor did an entire series called, “The Gospel”. I still figured that I’d leave the witnessing to the church
Anyone but me!

How God started making
other plans in my life!

This is where my thanks becomes present.

matthew 2 17

You see, I surround myself with like-minded people. People that follow Christ, and even people that say they know Jesus.

I now know someone that isn’t a Christ-follower, that doesn’t even say they know Jesus. Lost and hell-bound.

It got personal!

The twisting in my heart is for real!

I started asking God to teach me HOW to pray specifically about the salvation of a lost soul.

I started asking God for the right words,

but more importantly the right outward living.

I’m thankful that…

  • God has me on my knees.
  • Crying out is a must.
  • Prayer IS a powerful thing.
  • I can ask for prayers from friends that I KNOW will pray diligently and according to the Word of God.
  • I’m learning that God has done EVERYTHING that He can do to secure eternal salvation for ALL. It’s then our turn, as humans, to grab it, to accept Him for ourselves.
  • I don’t have to bear the pressure for lost souls. The Holy Spirit leads and guides through the Word of God. I don’t have to be “Holy Ghost Jr.”!
  • God can work to soften hearts, send laborers to plant more seed and to fertilize what’s been planted in the unbeliever’s heart.
  • Growing weary in doing good is not in the plans.
  • Our family is taking it personally.
  • All of the children in our home are witnessing God at work in this way. I love it!

When another message from our Pastor was preached recently, I GOT IT!

It got personal.

Please enjoy, “Baptism: More Than an Event” 
by Pastor Jay Hardwick, North Rock Hill Church

If you are currently sharing Christ with someone that you know personally, pray that God will give you wisdom on how to share His Son.

With the Christmas season approaching, Christ is our reason for celebrating. To a dying world, Christ doesn’t mean much, if anything. I’m praying for a fresh word from God concerning us reaching the lost.

Living With Sword and Coffee,