Noise Destroys

Have you ever heard that phrase?
Noise Destroys.

What is noise and what does it destroy?
Noise is ANY distraction; negative, positive and neutral.
Noise destroys and intercepts your dreams, visions and goals.

I’ve allowed noise to affect my creativity.

Noise for me, at this moment, looks like this: Looking to see who’s doing what. Trying to stay “in the know”.

That’s not negative nor is it positive noise. It’s neutral. It’s not detrimental, but if I allow it to continue, my mo jo will be no mo.

How do I plan to eliminate the noise?
Push away from the distractions. Seek God. Get a plan. Work the plan. Be diligent and steadfast.

Are there any “Noise Destroys” distractions in your life that needs to be put in check? 

Living With Sword and Coffee,

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Write the Word Bible Journals