No Hunger in the Wait

I was reading 2 Corinthians 9 and stopped at verse 10.
Realizing that:
1) We get every bit of our seed from God; being material or spiritual.
2) He gives us our substance (bread for food) while we’re waiting for the harvest.

He won’t let us go hungry in the wait!
Rely fully on Him!
This is totally where Matthew 6:25-34 steps in.
There should be no worries about tomorrow. He has already provided.
What seed has God given you to sow in faith?
Keep nurturing it by thanking Him right now; knowing that the answer is on the way!

He gives us the seed to sow so that His work is multiplied.
We freely give from the abundance and overflow of what we’ve harvested.
As we give, He replenishes!

So, let’s not hold the seed with clenched hands.
That alone won’t satisfy (don’t eat your seed), nor will it be beneficial to anyone else.
Open our hands and receive the bread that He places there to gain nourishment from.
There’s no hunger in the wait!