Next Level Parenting

Next Level Parenting

Next level parenting is what my husband and I desire for our children and their families to do.
We want them to do better than we did.
The recent visit with my oldest daughter and grandson was brief, but so rich!
We talked about parenting at the next level.
As I sat and listened to my daughter’s desire as a mother, I was in awe!
The plans that she and her husband have to instill the truth of God’s Word in their baby boy’s life made ME want her as a mom!

Titus 2 4

I’m glad that she knows who I am as her mom; a mom that has made mistakes and dropped the ball, a mom that has both backed down and stood up,
a mom that fears the Lord and reverences His holiness, a mom that prays for her children, a mom that’s been flustered and aggravated, a mom that shows and gives grace.

I love the mandate that God set for family!

God's Instruction to Families

I’m glad that my daughter sees ways that she can improve as a mom!
She’ll be a better mother than I was to her, and for that I praise God because I know that she’ll seek Christ will all her heart and be diligent in her personal growth.
Next level parenting is what I’ll encourage each of our children in.
Mom, we have such a beautiful appointment in raising and discipling our children.
It starts with us and our personal relationship with Christ and how we show that to our children.
There may be “throw-in-the-towel” days and you wondering “Is it really worth it? Are they learning ANYTHING good from me?”
Yes! Its definitely worth it! And they, in the deepest part of their minds, know that mom cared enough and loved me enough to go
Stick around, mom. You’ll see the fruit of “next level parenting”.

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