My [Love] Life Is Not My Own

“My life is not my own”.  Simple Christian concept, right?
It takes work to figure out what that looks like. We know that the one commandment is loving others as you love yourself (Mark 12:30-31. James 2 comes to mind also). Our lives are to be lived out to display that love.

Over a year ago my husband and I started the search for our “its-time-to-settle-down” home.

The location parameters were pretty wide. As I asked the Lord for wisdom on what home and what area, the only response was, “Wherever you are, be a light.”
That statement stuck with me with each home we toured. My focus was more on the neighborhoods at this point and envisioning what a life lived out in love, or being a light would look like plunked down there.

We purchased our home and moved in many months later. Within those months of prepping to move, I’d forgotten the call to be the light.
It was sparked again when I saw the groundbreaking ceremony for a new pregnancy crisis center almost directly across the street from our home.
Images of volunteering started swirling in my head. But alas, even to this day, there has been no more activity on the site.
Call. Forgotten again.

January 2023. I clear directive. God hadn’t forgotten the call. But He added, “It’s time to get up!”

That was the jolt I needed to remember that my life is not my own. I accepted the assignment of loving others when I accepted the need of Christ in my life.

There have been some things personally that I’ve been overcoming that had caused me to momentarily seem like I put my life on hold. Isn’t it just like the enemy called suggestion, accusation and distraction to infiltrate when allowed!?

With getting back on track, I’m seeking wisdom on what being a light looks like in my daily life AND what it’s like to “get up”.

What I’m realizing through all of this, personally, is that, being in rebellion isn’t the first thing that’s thought about when disobeying God. I don’t want to blatantly disobey. I just sometimes forget to obey.
Even with my Bible open daily and writing Scripture, studying passages, and taking sermon notes, its still easy to forget to obey.

Is there something that God has called you to specifically in loving others that you’re forgetting to obey?
How do you get back on track?
I’d love to continue this conversation in the comments (i pray that the comment section works!), or over on Instagram.